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FAVES- Original Creations

Waiting For the Bus by julianwilbury Mechanical Self Portrait by julianwilbury Back to Basics by julianwilbury Sparkles and Snow by julianwilbury Sulkity-Sulk by julianwilbury Secondhand Love by julianwilbury
OC - Soul Stamp by Alphares

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Summer and Lightning by julianwilbury Badlands by julianwilbury Fashion Statements by julianwilbury Bird of War by julianwilbury Out Of the Blue by julianwilbury Golden Sunrise by julianwilbury
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FAVES- Short Circuit

But I'm CUTE by julianwilbury Butterflies by julianwilbury Morning, Sunshine by julianwilbury Applicable Hugs Redux by julianwilbury Who, Us? by julianwilbury You're So Vain by julianwilbury
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Give Me Something Good to BITE by julianwilbury I made a cupcake for you! by julianwilbury RAINBOW POWAH by julianwilbury Welcome to the Frozen North by julianwilbury Very Merry Mailmare by julianwilbury Discord- PROBLEM? by julianwilbury Not a Brony - stamp by LouiseLoo

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Love too many things by Shantella



Sketchcomp by julianwilbury

Opening up full body sketch commissions again!

I need to take care of some money things but I also should be dedicating a fair amount of time to adding the finishing touches to my portfolio since admissions for spring classes at the school I’m looking at opens up soon, so I don’t want to really “dedicate” to larger pieces.

They may be more sketchy than my previous ones simply because I spent a long time on those than I should've.

I draw: Humans, anthros/furries, “feral” characters, fantastic creatures, robots, ponies. I’ve done fanart for The Lion King, All Dogs Go To Heaven, Short Circuit, WALL-E, Doctor Who, and MLP. Seriously, if you haven’t, look at my gallery. It’s chock full of that stuff. (And yes, top right corner is Felidae fanart/character design concept work. I know I spelled Blaubart wrong.)

I do not draw: NSFW, fetish stuff, and my ability to draw scary stuff/gore is ‘meh’ and I personally think it turns out more to be Narm when I attempt it. SORREH.

I will sketch canon characters. A visual reference is heavily preferred for any fan characters or original characters. Any pose/mood/expression preference would be much welcomed, short of that, a character profile would be handy.

You will be welcome to colour and finish the sketch however you please, just remember to give credit.

I am taking 5 commissions in this batch. If a single commissioner wants multiple sketches they will take multiple slots. 

If you want to support me but don’t want to buy art, considering checking out my Patreon or any one-time cash tips can go to julianwilbury AT gmail DOT com via PayPal.

$10USD, PayPal only.

Please PM me if interested!


1. :iconclimbtothestars: (Reserved)

ALTERNATELY, I would accept one single character w/shading and background commission for $50USD via PayPal. PLEASE NOTE ME IF INTERESTED.
Such a Fright by julianwilbury Summer and Lightning by julianwilbury

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If not, please return unused portion in a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Julian AT who has two thumbs and doesn't give a flying duhr-hey that this is too long to be a realistic URL DOT com.

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