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January 30, 2013


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Mostly posting this to get the auction off the front page since it's over (if the winner is out there THANKYOUSOMUCH it's going out tomorrow (Thursday)) but I figure I'd ask while I'm here, if any folk use any of my MLP vectors for stuff, especially wallpapers, can you tell me?
'Cause I really LOVE collecting wallpapers, and try to make them but kind of suck at it, I've been taught in how filters are bad for painting but I've never learned how to use them for good in design work, so needless to say if somebody else has made a wallpaper with my work I'M PROBABLY REALLY INTERESTED IN USING IT MYSELF.

(I'm serious, I just saw some wallpapers with my Discord- PROBLEM? vector and squeed my fool head off I was so chuffed and honoured. So yeah.)

I probably should follow some groups but seriously I've had to dial back the number of groups I watched because it's gotten super-overwhelming.

(Should I start providing SVGs? I only vector occasionally, and very often it's OC stuff, so I know I'm not the most in-demand of MLP vector-type people, but if people are interested...)

MLP OC Vector Stats
1. :iconfrysco: [VECTORING]
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